Why I’m Running

What makes America special is her ability to provide opportunities for people to live and express their dreams, to work hard with dignity and to live with a continued sense of hope for a better tomorrow.  That ability has always rested on the shoulders of all of us: America’s many waves of immigrants, new and old, the African American community, our Native brothers and sisters and America’s founders.

My family is part of that story. My grandparents, with next to nothing, moved to Chicago from the Jim Crow South to escape the poverty, terror and violence of that region as refugees in their own land. Though rural born they were forced to learn quickly how to survive in an urban and foreign environment that was far from hospitable.  Through an extreme work ethic, entrepreneurship and belief in their family, my grandparents gave my parents opportunities at success that were a dream only a generation before.  My parents took full advantage of those opportunities, moved to MN and passed down to me an understanding that their legacy was never to be taken for granted rather that their values of hard work and belief in family and God were the greatest inheritance they could give me. That my role is not just to coast, but to help create a world where the opportunities I was given are offered to everyone.

The story of Brooklyn Park is my story and the story of America. From the founding Scandinavian and German families to Brooklyn Park’s West African, LatinX, Hmong, Native and African American communities many of us moved here in search of something better for our families. But that same sense of boundless opportunity that has always characterized America; the sense that hard work, grit and talent is enough for a child or struggling family to succeed, is no longer shared by everyone in our city. But the reality is, we can get ahead of that. We can choose not to define Brooklyn Park by the past and our fears, but by our future.  One grounded in a shared vision defined by opportunity, where the conversation is driven by what it looks like to have a diverse America, that connects a handy young adult to a trade, a mother switching careers to a local Fortune 500 or where an immigrant starting a business, has the full support of the community. One where we lead and define our own success as a suburb.  And where we pull everybody in our city along with us and nobody; no child, no elder, no working family, no community is left behind. 

I ask for your vote to see this vision made real.

Hollies Winston

Brooklyn Park

Currently Hollies serves as a commissioner on the Brooklyn Park Budget Advisory Committee (BAC), a commission tasked with “ ensuring the long-term fiscal health of the City of Brooklyn Park by providing strategic direction to the (City) Council.” As a commissioner he spearheaded a new process to bring accountability and consistency to department budget reporting and has not shied away from asking difficult, but necessary questions.

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